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Jerseys, Kits and Everything For Sale

Apr 17, 2007
Hello Everyone, below is a list of all of ASU Cycling gear inventory. If you are interested in purchasing anything below, please email the club at appstatecycling@yahoo.com for prices and reservations. This stuff will go fast, so get your piece of ASU Cycling TODAY! ***07 Kit Pieces*** Bibs- 1 Small, 2 Medium Knickers- 4 Larges (fits like medium bibs) Lycra Shoes Covers- 1 medium, 3 larges (fits mens size 9-11) Winter Shoe Covers- 1 medium, 1 large Short Fingered Gloves-5...

JMU TT and Jeff Cup

Apr 10, 2007
ASU Cycling travels deep into the heart of Mennonite country for a rainy TT up to the summit of Reddish Knob. The C squadron dominated like mad men. Roy took a sicky sick 2nd place finish. Thatcher and Martin took 5th and 6th and Bradley and Matthew grabbed the 8th and 22nd spots respectfully. Alex in the B race shredded the slopes with a 10th finish and Michael cranked out an impressive 6th place in the A's. With an honorable mention, Travis seized a crucial 9 points with his 15th A race...

Wake Forest domination station

Apr 10, 2007
The Wake Forest went like clock work. Despite the fact that WF did a killer job at promoting the omnium, ASU swept the weekend winning all three events. For the TT Geoff showed his true form with a 4th place finish. Roy took 7th and Sapp came out of the woods long enough to snag the 10th place spot. The two triathletes (J. Wheeler and J. Marcus) flexed their muscles with 4th and 5th finishes. Alex, Paul, and Jason took 10th, 11th, and 12th respectfully. Lauren Trull made an appearance with a...

VT and a lot of down time

Apr 10, 2007
Virginia Tech had one of the best road courses of the season. Unfortunately, the race was cancelled due to snow. AWESOME! Whelp, as for the crit, that was awesome too. Psych!. Domination ensued nonetheless - well, at least in the C's. Roy, avoiding a wreck within the last 100 meters still bolstered a great 2nd place finish. Koballa took 5th and Geoff had an awesome race fighting tooth and nail for a gnar 6th place finish. As for Conference standings, we are back on top. Great work everyone! Roy...

Monday night rides!

Mar 18, 2007
Thats right, the monday night easy ride is back! 5pm at Espresso news (Behind Foot Sloggers) Every Monday! Chill ride (1-1.5 hours), awesome conversation, and the security that anyone that even thinks about pushing the pace will receive the most untethered and violent verbal thrashing ever conceived by man. . It should be a grand time and is open to all members of the community!
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