Welcome to the Appstate Cycling Team

Kits are In

Jan 2, 2006
Yes, that's right folks, KITS ARE IN !!! They will distributed Monday January 9th at Black Cat during the team meeting. Everything has been divied up, so come and pick up your "bag of gear" on Monday. If you have any outstanding debt either with the club or for carpooling, make sure you bring money for that, as your clothing will be held.

A message from your president

Dec 9, 2005
It's that time to get back on the bike and stop shoving fudge in your face... well at least start riding again. Yeup, its true the first collegiate race of the season will be the last weekend in Feb, that's just over 2 months from now and it will come quick! Especially with us returning to school Jan 9th. So get out and ride, start logging those long steady tempo rides in now, or your legs will fall off the first race. This season we, as a team, plan to send...

2006 Schedule

Dec 6, 2005
The 2006 Final Road Schedule is now here: Feb 25th Wm and Mary Feb 26th Wake Forest Mar 4-5 Navy contact Mar 11 JHU RR Mar 12 UMD crit Mar 18-19 NCSU weekend Mar 25 UVA uphill TT Apr 1 JHU Crit Apr 2 UMD RR Apr 8-9 App State & Lee's McRae Dual Conference Apr 15-16 Va Tech Apr 22-23 Conference Championships at WVU May 12-14 NCCA National Championships @ Kansas

An update on clothing:

Dec 1, 2005
"Appalachian Cycling" Sweat Shirts and T-shirts are in, so see Rigby if you ordered one. Sweat Shirts: $20 Long Sleeve T: $10 Short Sleeve T: $7 Last update was that the uniform orders should be in by December 21st. Let's cross our fingers.

Cyclo-cross is back!

Nov 3, 2005
The cyclo-cross season is back and although the weather has been beautiful, the competition has been fierce. The true die-hards: Taylor and Lauren, have been racing every weekend, dropping the hammer and dominating in their usual fashion. Jeremy, Justin Joyce, David,Paul,Ross, and Rigby have also been keeping it real and putting themselves out there. Races are pretty much every week, so break out the knobby tires and throw down.
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