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Appstate stompfest 2005

Sep 25, 2005
So friends, there is only one phrase that can describe the events that went down this weekend: Domination Station. 2 Hours From Anywhere Omnium Paul: 1st in the 5 time trial, 4th in the 5 RR, 3rd in the JR crit, and 2nd in the 5 crit. Johnny: 2nd 4 tt, 3rd 4 RR, 2nd 4 crit, 2nd Omnium Michael: 5th 4 tt, 1st 4 RR, 2nd crit, 1st Omnium Jarid: 2nd 5 RR, 3th 5 crit Jake: 9th 5 tt, 7th 5 crit Ross: 9th 3 tt, 1st 3 RR, 15th 3 crit, 5th Omnium Brandon: 1st JR crit, 2nd 1/2...
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