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Cyclo-cross is back!

Nov 3, 2005
The cyclo-cross season is back and although the weather has been beautiful, the competition has been fierce. The true die-hards: Taylor and Lauren, have been racing every weekend, dropping the hammer and dominating in their usual fashion. Jeremy, Justin Joyce, David,Paul,Ross, and Rigby have also been keeping it real and putting themselves out there. Races are pretty much every week, so break out the knobby tires and throw down.

News from the Greenville Classic

Oct 17, 2005
Brandon took the Juniors to school with victories on both Saturday and Sunday. Johnny put in an impressive 5th place finish in the cat 4 race, sarah took 6th in the womens 4, and Michael Wilson finished the first category 3 race of his career. Ross, Rigby, Justin, and Bixby put together great races as well. Congratulations to everyone for a great road season!

Appstate stompfest 2005

Sep 25, 2005
So friends, there is only one phrase that can describe the events that went down this weekend: Domination Station. 2 Hours From Anywhere Omnium Paul: 1st in the 5 time trial, 4th in the 5 RR, 3rd in the JR crit, and 2nd in the 5 crit. Johnny: 2nd 4 tt, 3rd 4 RR, 2nd 4 crit, 2nd Omnium Michael: 5th 4 tt, 1st 4 RR, 2nd crit, 1st Omnium Jarid: 2nd 5 RR, 3th 5 crit Jake: 9th 5 tt, 7th 5 crit Ross: 9th 3 tt, 1st 3 RR, 15th 3 crit, 5th Omnium Brandon: 1st JR crit, 2nd 1/2...
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