Training-How and When

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This post is to provide all new and old team members with some basic knowledge of how and when to train.


*Before starting the training below you should have been riding at least 2-5 times a week and been on at least one ride over 2 hours in length.*


MtB Season- Aug-Oct


8-10 Hours of riding a week.


5-6 Hours of that should be off road and half of that should be working on tech skills: descending, cornering, riding obstacles etc.


Get one long endurance ride in of 2-3 hours. 


Get one interval day in that includes:


8-10 Minute Muscle Tension Interval (MTI). If riding on the road this would be riding in a gear a little harder than usual to make your body incorporate more muscular endurance vs aerobic capacity. 


5-10 Minute TT Intervals (TTI). Think about riding at a 7 out of 10 on your effort.


1-3 Minute Above Threshold Interval (AbTI). Just pick a place and ride as hard as you can for the 1-3 minutes. 


Incorporate 3-5 or these into a ride allowing same amount of recovery time between each. 




CX Season Oct-Dec


8-10 Hours of riding a week. 


2 Hours of that should be working on Cyclo specific skills: dismount and remount, cornering off camber, tight turns and running over barriers and up things hills, stairs etc.


The smoother you are with regard to these skills the more energy you save.


2 Endurance rides of 2 Hours.


Get one interval day in that includes:


MTI (see above)


AbTI (See Above)


Over Unders (O/U) over threshold for :20-:40 seconds and then under threshold for the same time.  Doing this 5-10 times and then recovering with a 5 minute spin.


Road Season Feb-May


10-12 Hours of riding a week.


First 2 weeks should be spent building endurance with rides ranging from 2-5 hours. Stay in the small and just riding.


2 weeks prior to racing you should incorporate some longer MTI of 10-20 minutes and some 5 minute ATIs.


If you really want to come on the first race spitting fire then start a little sooner in Jan and incorporate some TTI, AbTI and O/U before you race.