ASU Rider Podiums

 The Appalachian State University Cycling Team’s elite summer program, ASU Cycling p/b Magic Cycles, traveled to Raleigh, N.C. this past weekend to take on some of the best in the region at the 65 mile Berger Hardware Bikes Road Race.  Despite the small regional race vibe, the competition was stiff with a number of professional and elite teams present in a sixty man field.  ASU brought team manager Sean Weddell, Justin Evans, Reid Beloni, and the resurgent Zeb King.  The first of seven laps was a waiting game to see who would go up the road first.  At the end of that first lap Reid left the field and bridged across to two riders up the road and built an advantage of 30 seconds.  Coming through the start finish on the beginning of the third lap two riders, Alder Martz of BMC-Hincapie and Pat Raines of Mountain Khakis bridged across to the break making a five man escape.  On a seasonally hot and windy day, spending 60 miles in the break was a game of strength as well as nutrition.  Reid and the ASU team combated that with GU gels and sports drinks.  As the advantage began to grow, the remainder of the ASU team settled into covering moves and guaranteeing the break’s success.  The finish was a drag race on a slightly uphill head-wind stretch of road.  While Reid and Pat began their sprint on the right side of the road, Alder made a strong acceleration on the left which couldn’t be matched.  Reid came across the line a bike length behind Pat for third.  Reid proudly stood as the only amateur on a podium otherwise occupied by professional teams.