Boone Town Throwdown

    It was an incredible day of racing here in Boone on Sunday November 1st. This weekend instead of participating in our collegiate conference race the team stayed in Boone for one of the best races in the area. Boone Bike & Touring one of the teams awesome sponsors has one of the most consistently well attended, fun, and planned out race day. There were tons of team riders, alumni (some even wearing our kits!), fans, friend, and family. The crowd was awesome, free food and drinks were provided by vendors such as Appalachian Mountain Brewery, a local company that is very popular not only for their product, but also their involvement in the community along with being another one of our awesome sponsors.

    The course was very technical consisting of a wide open on a large stretch of mud, then proceding to bottleneck into a slipper right hander. After that racers had a little bit of relief before a short muddy climb into a tricky quick right handed descent. Directly following that corner of carnage was a slopfest off camber rutted out straightaway into a tricky off camber U turn that was a fan and commentator favorite for the amount of racers sliding out and crashing. The rest of the course consisted of fast flat sections, tall barriers, a huge run up into a slick descent that had racers flying into another rutty mud pit. 

    The first race of the day was for our 4/5 racers. There was a tight battle between team rider William Johnson and a former App State rider rider, and team friend for the last spot on the podium. William was on the hunt on the last lap gaining seconds at every turn, but close to the finish he risked it all on a corner and was taken out by a some slick mud. Although he crashed he still managed to grab an awesome 4th place. President Eric Burton came out to his Cyclocross race ever this weekend and managed to pull off a great performance, landing in the top half of the field. Next there was the cat 3 race with riders Jacob Richard, and Justin Evans. Although some funny fumbles and crashes took place, he finished in one piece, working his way up the ranks in his new category. Justin Evans was on fire at the beginning the race staying with the lead pack for the first few laps, then around halfway through the race came up with an unfortunate flat taking him out of contention. 

     Overall it was a great event bringing the whole community out for some fun in the mud. Riders came from all around the south to visit Boone this weekend, and check out all it had to offer. App State Cycling showed out well, and had tons of support for the team, and we were happy to race our hardest and represent well for our school.