Conference Winners!

Torrential downpours, thunder, and lightning did not deter the App State cycling team from maintaining their lead and dominating the competition at the ACCC Championships in Blacksburg, Virginia. On Saturday, the C men woke up
super early only to find that their race was delayed because of the weather (which, of course, didn't improve at all). Even through the rain, James Wittwer and Zion Greenfield pulled out 3rd and 4th place finishes, respectively. The Men's A and B races and Women's A race were delayed an hour, and by the time the A men rolled to the start, rain was coming down in buckets and the riders could barely see 5 feet in front of them. By the time the Men's B and Women's A fields started 5 minutes later, lightning was zig-zagging across the sky, but the race started anyway. About 40 minutes later, all races were cancelled for the day, and the ASU cycling team was left with an entire day to enjoy the beautiful weather. (Seriously, after all was said and done and it was time to go home, the sun was shining and butterflies were floating around the race venue).

Although we lost extra chances to acquire points on Saturday, the team had fresh legs on Sunday and were eager to show the ACCC why App is on its way to becoming the #1 club cycling team in the country. Early Sunday morning, Jillian
Lee and Steph Payne finished 2nd and 3rd in the women's C crit, gaining medals and overall points for the team. In the Men's C race, Olu Ogunlela posted ASU's best finish with 4th place. In the men's B crit, Justin Evans finished in 3rd place, locking up his title of conference champion for the B category. In the women's A race, Ashley James broke away early and lapped the field for the win. Nina Laughlin attacked a little later on and rode solo for most of the race to come