First Mountain Bike Race!

This past weekend App State competed in our first mountain bike race of the season at our own Rocky Knob Park. Many new and returning members came out to compete and after the weekend, we are leading the conference! In Men's A, Miles Hubbard, James Wittwer, and John Michael Gorum finished 2nd-4th in the uphill time trial (TT). In the Super-D race, Alex Dawson, James Wittwer, Andrew DeVier-Scott, Alex Jerome, and Todd Whitescarver finished 1st-5th. In short track, Todd Whitescarver, James Wittwer and Miles Hubbard finished 2nd-4th. In XC, James Wittwer, Miles Hubbard, and John Micheal Gorum finished 1st, 3rd and 4th, respectively. In Men's B, Michael Potter and Alex Jerome finished first and second in the TT. In the Super-D, Matthew McCarter, Michael Potter and Alex McMahon finished 1st-3rd. Michael Potter won Short Track and Cross Country, along with the TT victory. In Men's C, Jason Midkiff and Zeb Ramsbotham finished 1st and 3rd in the TT. In Super-D, Kristopher Shook and Gene Taylor placed 2nd and 3rd. In short track, Jason Midkiff, Kristopher Shook and Forrest Howard finished 1st-3rd, while in cross country, Craig Stewart and Jason Midkiff finished 1st and 2nd. Last, but certainly not least, Lauren MacDonald was the only ASU Woman to race this weekend and placed 3rd in the TT and won the Super-D!

Big thanks to Rocky Knob Park and to everyone who came out to show support. Awesome job to all the new and returning riders, we look forward to more great results at NC State this weekend!