George Mason and Lees McRae races 9/12-9/13

This was a busy weekend for the cycling team, with two separate race events held in both the ACC and SEC conferences. Some of the team made the long trip up to the DC area to race in George Mason University’ s “Wolf Bouncer All Mountain Event,” while others stayed closer to home to race in Lees McRae’s gravity weekend.
Up in Virginia, Saturday was a muddy, rainy day on the course. The trails were flowy with some root sections and short, fast climbs. Van Hubbard came in 4th in his first mountain bike race with Mens C, starting the weekend off with a 7 mile race. Jordan Bouldin and Annie Pharr both took first place for Mens B and Womens A races next in a 14 mile race. Hayden Miller came in at a solid 6th place for Mens A, finishing strong in the 21 mile race. The cross country races were followed by super-d/individual time trial races where everyone tried to complete a short trail loop as fast as they could with 2 minute gaps in between riders. The pouring rain kept things interesting and was an added obstacle to the roots and sharp turns of the course. Hayden finished 6th, Jordan and Annie got 1st, and Van got 3rd to finish out the day.
Sunday’s race was held nearby on old prison grounds. The first race was another Super-D time trial that wove around the woods, finishing by the old prison buildings. Hayden took 2nd in Mens A against stiff competition, and Jordan took 2nd as well for Mens B, despite being on a single speed bike. Van and Annie both got 3rd for Mens C and Womens A. The second race of the day was a Short-Track race that was a fast circle of gravel, grass, and a paved climb. Mens B raced for 25 minutes and Jordan came in an impressive 2nd place.
Back at Lees McRae, App racers also pulled off some quick finishes. The weather held out there, so conditions on the track were good for the Dual Slolam event to start off the day on Saturday. In Dual Slolam races, two riders go head to head on a short, downhill track with a lot of little jumps and berms to pump the bikes over. The finishes are ranked on a bracket system, and riders race each other until the fastest is left. Spectators lined the course the whole way down and there was a huge field of 34 racers who started the Mens A race. Alex Jerome finished 10th and Levi Rose finished 4th, both impressive results. 
The next day was the Downhill race, and with the mud from the trails being tracked into the rock gardens, the racers were in for a challenge. Hecklers lined both sides of the rock gardens however, to cheer racers through and see if anyone would make it past clean. Levi smoked the competition again, getting 4th place for Mens A, with only 4 seconds of separation between 3rd place and him. Francesco Marifino came in second for Mens C in his first race for App State. Overall, it was an eventful and successful race weekend and we are all proud of our racers.