Virginia Tech CX

 This weekend started off on a chilly Saturday evening in a Blacksburg Virginia slopfest. Before the team precipitation had covered the area. The C men started off the day while the sun was still out. Rider Garrett Clark displayed his stellar technical abilities riding the difficult course efficiently enough to grab the top podium spot, with Charlie Shuford coming in a few spots behind him. Much later the B's took the course on what would be an exciting race. This race was set to start at 7:00pm which made for a dark and interesting endeavor. The course had a short grass section into two back to back off camber sharp corners. On both corners there were minor crashes, but Jordan Bouldin capitalized on the other riders mistakes sticking with the lead group. Using their technical ability coming right off of mountain bike season Jordan and Jacob rode the run up that almost all other riders dismounted to ascend. This proved a valuable resource for moving up the places. Eventually Jacob linked up to Jordan to work together which enventually ensured podium spots. With a Virginia Tech rider on their heels there was no room to let up until he was out of sight. With a lap and a half to go the duo rode cleanly away from the VT rider struggling to close the gap, with enough time to celebrate into the finish nabbing the top two spots. 
     The second race day was held in Bedford just an hour away from the previous days race. The weather was much more compliant, and the course was on the other end of the condition spectrum reminding riders of a road race on grass. Charlie started the successful day by using his skills and endurance from mtb and road seasons to bring another App State podium. Next the B crew with the new addition of Garrett, who upgraded prior to the race, took the course. The trio took the holeshot and never looked back consistently distancing themselves from the field. Jordan showed his mountain bike prowess bunny hopping the five log barriers in front of hecklers and fans. Garrett and Jacob raced hard for the top spot on the podium and an attack on the next to last lap gave Jacob the slight advantage. Garrett had another incredible display of endurance, and technical ability that helped pull the yellow train through the course at a pace no one else could match. The three riders swept the podium bringing in some awesome results for a second day. 
    Next weekend the team with travle to Raleigh/Durham to race at NCCX which has ACCC comference races for NC State. The team plans to have a loaded squad ready to bring another exciting weekend of racing to the conference. It should be an awesome event since it is in coordination with the very large public race scene.