William and Mary MTB Recap

This weekend nine members of the cycling team traveled to Williamsburg, Virginia for the first mountain bike race of the 2015 season. Race weekends are always good for team bonding, (especially when you are stuck in the car together for six hours of travelling) but spirits were high and we were excited to start racing again. Everyone was an experienced rider, but five of the racers that went were new to the team, so it was great seeing them in App State kits for the first time. This was a challenging weekend, with two cross-country races and one short track race in just two days. 
           The college of William and Mary hosted, and the first race was at York River State Park close to campus. The trails were rolling with plenty of switchbacks and roots. The Men's C racers started the day at 8:00am with a 14 mile cross country race. Charlie Shuford, Matt Jones, and Blake Ferree came in 4th, 5th, and 6th places respectively. Men's A started at9:30am with a 26 mile race. Miles Hubbard, Hayden Miller, and Sean Hildebrandt came in 3rd, 5th, and 10th place after a greuling 4 laps. Men's B and Women's A races were 20 miles each and started shortly after. Jordan Bouldin and Jacob Richard got 2nd and 3rd place for Men's B and Annie Pharr got 5th place for Women's A.
            The Sunday races were held close-by at Freedom Park. Though tired from the previous day of riding hard, everyone came out and crushed the courses again for a second day. The lengths and start-times of the races were identical to Saturday, but this time the Cross Country race was followed by a Short Track race. The XC course was winding and fast, and the short track was spectator friendly, filled with little jumps, and broken up by a short, paved climb. In Men's C, Blake, Matt, and Charlie got 5th, 6th, and 7th. In Men's A, Miles and Sean came in an impressive 3rd and 4th, and Jordan took first place for Men's B, killing the competition even on his single speed bike. That afternoon, the short track race started with Men's C racers, who rode as hard as they could for 20 minutes. They were followed by Men's B and Women's A, who rode for 25 minuted. Jacob's hard work paid off and he won Men's Bs. The last race of the day was the Men's A racers who rode for 30 minutes. Miles came in 2nd after a close battle with two other A riders. Overall, it was a successful weekend and a great turnout from App State's team. This season is already shaping up to be a great one.