William & Mary Weekend

ASU racers traveled to William & Mary over the weekend to compete in the second weekend of the collegiete season. Saturday’s road races started out in the morning with near freezing temperatures accompanied by drizzling rain. ASU had racers in the men’s and women’s C categories. Forrest Howard finished third in the men’s C race and Nick Albertone placed fifth. Baylee Hale and Abbey Dahl finished the women’s C road race in eighth and eleventh, respectively. As the rain subsided, the men’s A, B, and women’s A races began. ASU had two top ten finishes in the men’s B race, with Michael Potter in eighth and Shawn Lautner in ninth. Nina Laughlin and Kelly Perkins finished third and fourth, respectively, in women’s A. The criterium on Sunday included many more turns than a typical square crit, and wrecks were plentiful. In the women’s A race, Nina Laughlin and Kelly Perkins placed first and second, respectively. In the men’s B race all three ASU riders finished in the top ten, with Miles Hubbard in fourth, Michael Potter in seventh, and Shawn Lautner in tenth. In the women’s C race, Baylee Hale and Abbey Dahl finished sixth and eighth, respectively. After a serious crash in the men’s A field caused a pause in the race, it was decided that the race would no longer continue and was ended short of its originally planned 60 minutes. This weekend, the team will travel to Virginia Tech for a mountainous road race on Saturday, and a crit on Sunday.